Monday, March 24, 2008

Poll-Release Monday #47

Here is your new poll question for this week:

True or false? It is better that the universe be destroyed than that one sin be committed.
I like these possibly-controversial poll questions :D This one, like my last 4 or 5 polls, comes from the USCCB's Quiz on the Catechism, which, I'm finding, is not always very good at wording it's questions. But, it sparks conversation and it gets people thinking, so that's good.

As for last week's poll, here are the results:
  • True or False? The indispensable element which makes a marriage is the consent of the spouses.
    • True: 18 (78%)
    • False: 5 (22%)
The correct answer is: True. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church, we read:
  • 1626 The Church holds the exchange of consent between the spouses to be the indispensable element that "makes the marriage" (CIC, can. 1057 § 1). If consent is lacking there is no marriage.
The canon cited above reads as follows:
  • Can. 1057 §1 A marriage is brought into being by the lawfully manifested consent of persons who are legally capable. This consent cannot be supplied by any human power.

    §2 Matrimonial consent is an act of will by which a man and a woman by an irrevocable covenant mutually give and accept one another for the purpose of establishing a marriage.
I hope that answers any questions you may have had about this topic. The entire section on consent in the Catechism is an interesting read. It's amazing how something so simple as the consent of the spouses is so vital to the validity of the sacrament of marriage.

I thank you all for voting.

Pax Christi,

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Paul Hoffer said...

Hi Nick, JH Newman discussed something like this in his "Apologia Pro Vita Sua". He said it would be better that the whole world be destroyed than even one venial sin be committed. I agree even on the magnitude talked about in the question. I ask, "What does physical death matter compared to the possibility of being separated eternally from God? because of even one sin"

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