Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quick Update

Despite the blizzard we had to drive through, Amy and I made it back to Steubenville safe and sound. We had to say goodbye to the Jeep Patriot, which was a sad day. Now it's back to sliding around in my Chevy Berreta.

I haven't been able to post at all this week because of various projects I've been working on for class. Please pray for me that I can finish them without pulling all of my hair out first.

Despite this down time, I'm currently in FIFTH PLACE in the "Best Apologetics Blog" category! I'm not even in the top 10 in the "Best Designed Blog" category, but that's ok. With your help, I think I can move up in both. Voting ends Monday, March 17 at Noon CST.

Pax Christi,

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