Thursday, May 22, 2008

Boom De Yadah!!

Seen the new commercial from the Discovery Channel? It's "wicked" cool (in the words of my fiancée):

It has all of my favorite shows in it! What a great commercial :D The addition of Stephen Hawking is a nice touch too. I know, I watch too much tv....

Pax Christi,

[UPDATE: Every time I find this video on YouTube it gets taken down, so I quit trying. You can watch the commerical on the Discovery Channel website]


Cure of Ars said...

That was cool, but I am going to hold it against you if I have boom de yadah stuck in my head all day.

phatcatholic said...

haha, sorry about that

Amy M. said...

Best. Commercial. EVER.


Sup Nick- just thought I would leave this here as well as on my blog- you the man! -

Thanks for the comment Brotha! I am happy you like the work - it is one I have wanted to do for some time! Those are my favorite titles of Our Lady.

I will definitely read the article link you sent - I have been involved in some of your recent polls - was surprised how many people said false to the "Prayer: Battle against yourself?" question. That's my toughest war to wage!

A very good friend of mine, Father Gregory Plow, T.O.R., is going to be assigned after his recent ordination to Steuby - hope you will get the chance to know him. Great man of God and one of my dearest friends. You're a good man, Nick! (I also enjoy "Boom-deyada," especially Bear Grylls' line)

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