Sunday, December 26, 2010

Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family

Back in 2008, my brother Matthew gave a practice homily on the Holy Family in preparation for the priesthood (he is now only a semester away!). I would like to share it with you on today's feast day.

From the introduction, we read the following:
  • For the past few weeks, we have been so intensely focused on the coming of Jesus Christ, that today the Church invites us to take a step back and look at a larger picture: The Holy Family. The Son of God, in His Divinity, could have come to us full grown and alone. Or he could have come as a child under the protection of some royal court. Instead, he chose to come to us in the midst of the most fundamental dynamic in human life: the family. The first thing Jesus sanctified by his presence was a family home – the poor cave Mary prepared for Joseph and their newborn Son. The first instrument he uses to draw men to himself is the family. Notice how this Holy Family immediately attracted the wise men and the shepherds to come and adore the Infant Jesus, because Jesus was at the center of their life. In this way the Holy Family is the greatest example we have ever been given for how our own families should be formed: centered on Jesus. Does the joint witness and holiness of our family draw others to us and therefore to Christ? Is He the center of our family life? A little examination of conscience for our family as a whole is important for us to do today as we reflect on the Holy Family.
For the rest of the homily, see The School of Mary: "Homily, Feast of the Holy Family, Year B". I hope that you will read it and leave him a few words of encouragement.

Pax Christi,

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