Saturday, December 13, 2008

Homily for the Second Week of Advent

Those of you who enjoyed my twin brother's homily for the first week of Advent may like to read his homily for the second week as well. Once he posts his homily for the third week, I will be sure to link to it.

Again, your prayers are most appreciated.

Pax Christi,


Matt1618 said...

O hey, I didn't know you were linking to these. My Third one is up if you're feelin froggy. You may wanna note that I don't actually give these to a congregation, only to the pastor. My most common feedback: too academic, they'll tune it out...but, unlike one bishop from PA, I don't think the people are stupid! :) I am a bit catechetical with these things, but I guess I feel like we've moved too far from the catechetical style of extraordinary form sermons. I want the (future) people to learn something from my homilies. I want them to understand the readings better. Telling funny stories makes you feel good but I think people are starving for substance.

Matt1618 said...

What do YOU think about them?

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