Monday, March 09, 2009

Poll-Release Monday #65

Here is your new poll question:
  • True or False?: In the Eucharist we raise ourselves above concern with the material order of creation in order to maintain a spiritual union with the Father.
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As for the previous poll, here are the results:
  • T or F?: Because Baptism & Confirmation are not celebrated at the same time, the connection of the two sacraments is expressed by the renewal of baptismal vows.
    • True: 21 (68%)
    • False: 10 (32%)
The correct answer is:
  • TRUE, cf. CCC no. 1321: When Confirmation is celebrated separately from Baptism, its connection with Baptism is expressed, among other ways, by the renewal of baptismal promises. The celebration of Confirmation during the Eucharist helps underline the unity of the sacraments of Christian initiation.
In other words, the purpose of the renewal of baptism vows during the Rite of Confirmation is to emphasize the connection or continuity between Confirmation and Baptism. This is a necessary point of emphasis, considering that, in most cases, Confirmation takes place several years after one is baptized.

For more information on why this separation has taken place in the Latin Rite, and for arguments in defense of celebrating Confirmation at an earlier age, see Sacrament of Confirmation: What Is It All About?, by Tom Sullivan.

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