Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ask Me a Question .... I Dare You

From the first day I started this blog back in 2006 (has it really been that long?), its content has come largely from three sources: the liturgical year, my debates with Protestants, and your questions. I have always enjoyed the third source of inspiration the most.

I enjoy the challenge of seeing what I can recall from my own brain on a subject ("Now where is that Scripture verse?") and I enjoy the quest of going out in search of information I do not know. In the process of helping you to learn more about Catholicism, I often learn a lot about my own faith as well. It's a win-win situation, and really the best way that I can ignite in others the flame that was ignited in me when I first set out to learn more about the Catholic Church.

Well, hopefully now I've made that process a little easier. In the left sidebar of this blog, you will now find a form via Formspring that you can use to quickly and easily ask me a question about God, or religion, or the Catholic Church, or really anything. I'll receive the question and make a post in response. Or, you can create an account with Formspring and receive your answer that way.

This is my first time using this so we'll see how it works out. I hope it is helpful. Now, what's your burning question?

Pax Christi,

UPDATE: The Formspring widget doesn't seem to be working. I'm looking for something else. Any suggestions?


Victor said...

How do I know it worked? I sent the same question three times and I'm not sure it went through.

I sent this:
Can you go into the doctrine of mental reservation and how that would relate to using it in occasions such as the Gestapo and Jews in the attic. Can you lie to save lives? Most people would I suspect.

phatcatholic said...

Sorry about that, Victor. Perhaps it's not working right. I got your question via the comment you left. I will try to answer it soon.

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