Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact

Amajor hat tip goes out to Inside Catholic for alerting me to this treasure. The American Catholic History Research Center at Catholic University of America has placed online a vintage Catholic comic books series called Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact. Here's the introduction from the website for the series:
The Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact was a Catholic comic book published by George A. Pflaum of Dayton, Ohio and provided to Catholic parochial school students between 1946 and 1972. The digital collection contains the first eighteen volumes running from 1946 to 1963, which are in public domain. There are some issues missing from Volume 4 (1948-1949). The issues published from 1964 through 1971 are still under copyright protection, which cannot be included in the digital collection at this time. Issues published in 1972 were not copyrighted and will be added to the collection soon.
As a catechist, this is a goldmine! There are comics on Bible figures, inventors, saints, presidents, and prominent lay men and women who lived their Catholic faith in the world with courage and authenticity. I learned a great deal about several Catholic role models in the faith that I had never even heard of before! (for example, from the "Catholics in Action" series: Anna Dengel, Joan Schlosser, George Speri Sperti, Fr. John A. O'Brien, Mary Synon, Linna E. Bresette, Fr. John La Forge, Msgr. William Gorman, and Fr. William J. Smith). The different comic books are sorted by titles, creators, subjects, people, series, and issues.

To get an idea of how great these are, here is one of three comic books devoted to St. John Bosco (go here for a larger view of each page):

This is truly a great resource, and a link to it will definitely be going in my right sidebar, under "Catechetical Materials." For more resources in teaching the faith, consult the other links in that section. Happy reading!

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