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When I first started this blog, it's main focus was apologetical: it concerned making a defense of the faith. But, as people began sending me their questions about Catholicism and as I found myself more and more engaged in the task of explaining my faith to people, my blog took on a more catechetical feel. Sometimes I wonder if the name of my blog might be a misnomer! At any rate, whether you are involved in apologetics or catechesis, I want my blog to be of help to you.

To strengthen its catechetical function, I have provided the following links to websites, Church documents, my blog posts, Catholic catechisms, and popular Catholic quotations that aid one's catechetical endeavors and address this most important task.

Multimedia Resources:
Catechetical Methodology and Practical Advice:

Catechetical Documents
(also see "Church Documents on Catholic Education")

My Blog Posts

Catholic Catechisms

Popular Catholic Quotations

Find a broken link, or a link that I should add? Leave a comment and let me know.

Pax Christi,

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