Thursday, September 21, 2006

Debate with "HeadzUp" on the Biblical Proof for the Authority of the Papacy

If you ever wanted a comprehensive, Biblical defense of the authority of the papacy, this is it. My debate with "HeadzUp" over at the Sphere of Hip Hop board was the most laborious debate I have ever undertaken. Never before or since then have I ever written so much in one debate on Peter and the papacy.

For one, there was no word limit. Secondly, my opponent was actually as thorough (read "obsessed") as I was, so his posts would be just as long as mine ... and if I wanted to be equally thorough in response, I had to engage all of that! It was certainly a grand undertaking. Perhaps I need to learn how to be more concise.

At any rate, here is the debate. Note that in our discussion on the debate, Plastic allowed us to make a closing in two parts, one to address what had just been posted by the opponent, and a second to give general remarks about the debate as a whole. But, my life got so hectic that I was never able to write the second part of my closing remarks. In the same discussion, I was able to say a little bit more in my defense, but nothing as comprehensive as what he was able to do with his two-part closing. Ah well, what can you do?

Instead of posting it at my blog, I have decided instead to simply link to each post in the debate. To those of you with enough fortitude to read the whole thing ... may God bless you! If for some reason the links don't work anymore (perhaps if the forum where they are located goes down), just leave a comment and I can send you Word documents of each post.

Pax Christi,
- - -


  1. I like the link thing for such long posts. Good idea.

  2. Hello Nicholas,

    Could you please send me the Word documents for your
    debate with HeadzUp?

    My email address is

    Thank you

  3. Coming here, so many years later, to say that these links are now broken, but if you search for the url of each one at, you can find the original forum posts where this whole debate is found.


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