Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Prayer as a Battle

Travis Boudreaux made a great post on his blog the other day about prayer as a battle:
In the Compendium to the Cathechism, the following question is proposed:

572. Why is Prayer a “battle”?

The question is answered as:

"Prayer is a gift of grace but it always presupposes a determined response on our part because those who pray “battle” against themselves, their surroundings, and especially the Tempter who does all he can to turn them away from prayer. The battle of prayer is inseparable from progress in the spiritual life. We pray as we live because we live as we pray."
He goes on to reflect on this theme as it is found in the Compendium and in the Catechism. I found it to be quite relevant, especially considering the "battle" we attempt to wage every day with Catholic apologetics.

Read the rest of his post here

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  1. Thanks for the props. Keep up the good work on the apologetics. I find it very very useful, and will be posting something on my blog as soon as your eight points are completed.

    Stay Blessed,



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