Thursday, November 30, 2006

Question about Adoration

"khouse" asked the following question in the Q&A board at Phatmass:
Sometimes at Adoration I see people reading magazines or reading other non-Catholic books or studying or doing homework. Is this OK?
Well, an adoration chapel, or some other place where the Eucharist is exposed, is not a place to just "chill." It is first and foremost a place to adore our Lord and Savior. However, adoration need not always constitute actively praying the whole time. Our mere presence there is an act of adoration of Him. We would not be there if we did not believe that He was truly present.

Besides making ourselves present, we also adore Him by being still and quiet, and listening to the Lord. This shows the Lord that we not only believe Him to be present, but that we also have faith that He can communicate great things to us through His Presence, and we are open to whatever He wills to impress upon us through this experience--even if that be nothing at all. Furthermore, some suggest reading the Bible before the Eucharist, since His Presence can have the effect of calming our spirit and opening our hearts and minds to what He has to tell us through His Word.

However, doing trivial things before the Blessed Sacrament is not appropriate. Do we really need him to help us understand the latest issue of Sports Illustrated? Are we showing an openness to listen and learn if we are reading a magazine? I don't think so. Doing homework could be appropriate, but not always. I think that if someone is really struggling with an assignment and they are bringing it before the Lord with the express purpose of entreating His aid and if we set about glorifying him with the work we do before Him, that it can be acceptable. Even still, I think that this should be a last resort, since this is a more implicit type of worship and people may wonder exactly why you are there.

Some people do homework in adoration chapels because it just happens to be the quietest place on campus..........and that is definitely not the right reason to be there. You would also want to avoid doing anything in an adoration chapel that would detract attention from the Eucharist. So, a study group or any other type of work that makes too much noise would not be acceptable.

Pax Christi,


  1. Awesome nick..

    Respect is something our age lacks. Maybe it is education, who knows. But it is great to see someone dedicated to respect.

    (**btw, why does it automatically say Jon when I post?)

  2. btw, why does it automatically say Jon when I post?

    ummm, b/c that's your name? haha :D

    what probably happened is that some time ago you signed in to and chose "jon" as your screen name. now, you have a cookie from blogger on your computer so that every time you go to a blog from blogger, it logs you in as "jon."

  3. nope...never, weird eh? I only use the term Revprodeji online.


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