Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Jesuit Misses the Mark

Maaan, everything happened while I was on spring break....

On March 14, 2007, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith made public a Notification regarding two writings by Fr Jon Sobrino, S.J.: Jesucristo liberador. Lectura histórico-teológica de Jesús de Nazaret and La fe en Jesucristo. Ensayo desde las víctimas. The CDF started a careful study of these works in October 2001, "because of certain imprecisions and errors found in them" and gave urgent priority to the process of examination because of the wide diffusion of these writings (particularly in Latin America) and their use in seminaries and various other institutes of study.

You can read the Notification here. You may also wish to read the attached explanatory note.

What do they feed these Jesuits anyway? There must be something in the water....

Pax Christi,


  1. Ive been asking the same question recently. It seems like the order has been ruined. Please someone tell me theres hope for the Jesuits!

  2. There are many wonderful Jesuits and Jesuit communities out there. We wouldn't want someone to judge Catholicism as a whole on its bad apples, lets not judge the order as a whole on theirs.

  3. My comment was more in jest. I realize that there are many wonderful Jesuits as well.

  4. I've been hearing some positive things lately, that the Jesuits who are joining the order now are very orthodox. Plus, there's been some recent change in leadership either in the U.S. or at the worldwide level and they're starting to clean house. According to my cousin, who works at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Cincinnati, they're getting rid of all the froofy yoga and Eastern religion stuff.

    He suggested to me that I could become a Jesuit priest, but I told him I can't do that since I'm Catholic. :) But they do get bad rep from the more outspoken bad apples. I imagine many Jesuits are more orthodox than we give them credit for.


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