Friday, May 25, 2007

YouTube Summer Project

Yup. Let's do it. Let's scour YouTube and Google Videos and find EVERY SINGLE video that is faithfully Catholic. Are you ready? I hope so because I need your help.

This post will be home base for the YouTube Summer Project. As you find good, solid, orthodox, Catholic videos on YouTube or Google Videos, leave a comment providing the title of the video and a link to it. As new videos are provided, I will add them to the list. Before you submit your video, check the list and make sure it has not already been submitted. I'll provide a link to this post (either at the top of my blog or in the sidebar) so that this will always be easy to come back to. Right now, I don't know how else to organize this effort, but if anyone has a better idea just let me know.

I reserve the right to reject a submission or to delete a video from the list without giving you a reason. You reserve the right to help me fill a much-needed niche for the online Catholic community. Once we have a more or less comrehensive list, I'll make a website where all of these videos will be embedded and categorized by topic (as far as I know, this is legal, although I could be wrong).

Spread the word about this project. Anyone can help, you just have to be loyal to the Catholic Church. This can be an awesome thing, as long as we don't lose steam.

Pax Christi, and Good Luck!
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Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen:
Law and Freedom
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
Signs of the Times:
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
-- Part 3:
Traditional Latin Mass:

Fr. John Corapi:
Being Spiritual Warriors:
Being Your Brother's Keeper:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: Gifts of the Holy Spirit
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
-- Part 3:
-- Part 4:
-- Part 5:
-- Part 6:
Catechism of the Catholic Church: Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God:
-- Part 1 (Jesus was buried):
-- Part 5 (Jesus' resurrection):
The Church (Introduction):
Eucharist/Priesthood (Introduction):
Fatima (Introduction):
Giving a Blessing:
Importance of Family:
Life and "Playing God":
Light of Truth:
Living Bread:
Purgatory (Introduction):
Questions and Answers (order?):
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
-- Part 3:
Truth and the Call to Holiness (order?):
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
-- Part 3:
Rosary (Introduction):
Word of God (Introduction):

Fr. Leo Clifford:
A Name Not a Number:
Abundant Living:
Banquet of God:
Blessed Sacrament:
The Building Business:
The Christ that Needs Us:
First-Hand Faith:
God's Ways:
Greatest Commandment:
Grief of God:
Heart of God:
Holy Spirit:
How to Handle Worry:
How We Handle Failure:
Importance of the Father:
Missed Opportunities:
Purpose of Life:
Reminders (of what Jesus has done for us):
Sermon on the Mount:
This Is Your Life:

Fr. Robert Barron:
Lord of the Rings:
Rome (HBO Series):
Scorsese's The Departed:
The Lost Tomb of Jesus:
Untold Blessing (Introduction):

To the Virgin:
Lady in Blue:
Mary Did You Know? (for Christmas):
Miracle of the Rosary:
Our Lady of the Pillar:
Reflection on the Holy Rosary:
She’s Got a Way About Her:
Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary:

Mother Teresa:
A Clean Heart:
God’s Presence:

NFP vs. Contraception:
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
-- Part 3:

Pope John Paul II:
Pater Noster:
Life and Times of Pope John Paul II:

Pope Pius XII:
The Last Years:

Sacrifice of the Mass according to the 1962 Roman Missal, and the Mass of Other Catholic Rites:
Christmas Mass at Night, Holy Rosary, Indianapolis, IN:
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:
-- Part 3:
Sarum Rite (Use of Salisbury) High Mass:
The Mass:
Traditional Latin Low Mass with Meditation by St. Eymard:
-- Part 1:
-- Part 2:

That Catholic Show:
Episode 1 (Sit, Stand, and Kneel):
Episode 2 (Candles and Light):
Episode 3 (Night of the Living Catechism):
Episode 4 (Charity and Mercy):

A Tribute to All Saints:
Birth Control and Contraception:
Blackfen Parish Pilgrimage 2007:
Catholic Coke:
Catholic-True Love, True Faith:
Confirmation Sermon:
Deacon Payne, Seminary Formationator:
Die Grosse Stille (Into Great Silence) Trailer:
Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia:
Duel of the Seminarians:
Emerging from the Catachombs:
Eucharistic Procession:
Football Player Becomes a Priest:
Hannity Bullies Clergyman:
I Can Only Imagine:
It Is Finished:
Jesus in New York:
Jewish Roots of Catholicism:
Living Lent: The Temptation of Jesus:
Mad World:
Padre Pio:
Persevering in the Pro-Life Cause:
Room of Tears:
The Beauty of Eucharistic Adoration:
The Stem Cell Debate:
The Tomb of Jesus?:
Traditional Latin Low Mass Introduction (The method of hearing Mass by meditation on the Passion, taken from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard and offered according to the Roman Missal [1962]):
True Love, True Faith:
Vespers at St. Vincent Archabbey:
We Will Go, Lord:
What Is the Mass?:
Why I Am Catholic:


  1. The top two posts at have 6 Fulton Sheen vids, at least couple of which aren't on that list. Sorry, I don't have time to track down titles etc at the moment.

  2. This list is long. It annoyed me.

  3. dude, don't forget the video of Fulton Sheen narrating the Trid

  4. woh, it seems we have two seminarian matthew's!

  5. since I'm a nerd and all, I think you should include O.S. and color depth in your "Best viewed with" list... Go Firefox!

  6. I've made an attempt at a video on YouTube. Hopefully it's Catholic enough:

  7. Here's a video collage I made based on an original song I wrote regarding the election of PB 16. The room of tears is the room the new Pope gets dressed in before being announced to the world. The overwhelming responsibility causes many popes to begin to weep in this room, and hence it is called the room of tears.
    I hope you consider it. God bless

  8. I thoguht I posted this before, but Ipitube's profile [] lists a pile of Jesuit movies. I admittedly haven't watched all of them, but I liked the ones I have seen.

  9. Did you add my suggested links to the list, yet?

  10. No, not yet, I've been busy with other stuff. Hope to do that soon.

  11. It would be useful to surround the http references with the HTML "href" tag so they can be clicked on.

    Great idea, well done!

  12. Don't know if you're interested, but I did a "video" (well, slide show really) on our Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes...'s not Catholic "content" as in all your apologetics stuff, but it's Catholic devotions...

  13. "That Catholic Show" has four episodes so far:

    Episode 1 (Sit, Stand, and Kneel):

    Episode 2 (Candles and Light):

    Episode 3 (Night of the Living Catechism):

    Episode 4 (Charity and Mercy):

    More info and Catholic videos at and

    This is a great topic! Thanks for getting the word out about Catholic videos on the Internet!

  14. Don't miss the Angelus You Tube by Sr Anne Joan, which is really great:

  15. You might look at You'll find links to several online Catholic videos there.

  16. how about


  17. Chasity Rome-Chick Blues (with subtitles):

    ...from Dawn Eden has to be one of the most creative this year!

  18. these are Catholic but they aren't the meditational type that the others seem to be

    pro-ife student work based on true story

    terry tate office linebacker seminary style

    Cathoic coke commercial with twisted ending


  19. There are a bunch of audio/video from Franciscan University summer conferences -- and thus, awesome talks-- at

  20. Hey,

    I went ahead and launched as hopefully a central repository of all things catholic on youtube.

    check it out when you have time.

  21. Last night I went through YouTube for vocations-related videos. The list is on my blog here.

    God bless you!

  22. And LifeTeen also has their own YouTube section. I especially like the Irish priest in "The Exorcist" talking about how we can allow Satan to influence our lives.

  23. Five Reasons to Believe that God Exists- St. Thomas Aquinas

  24. Peter Kreeft The Existence of God part 1

    Peter Kreeft The Existence of God part 2

  25. Dear Nick-

    Just remembered your project here. Whatever became of it?

    I enjoy the new Daily de Sales postings. Where did you find the art for St. Francis?

    Peace and all good.


  26. BarbaraKB,

    Once CatholicTube was created, I kinda lost my steam. I thought about collaborating with the owner of that site in some way, but nothing really came of it. Now, this list of videos is basically a resource for him, for whenever he needs a new video to showcase on his site. Here's the url:

    As for the pic I use for my "Daily with De Sales" postings, I found that here:

    Thank you for your continued interest in my blog!

  27. Best Catholic Books by Sr. Julia Darrenkamp, Daughters of St. Paul:
    Summer Fiction:
    Lives of Saints:
    Praying with Scripture (lectio divina):

    Summertime (spirituality):

    Blessed Virgin Mary:

    Then there is the sung Christmas Novena (Day 1 is
    And lots of vocation stories:
    Sr. Tracey Dugas:
    Sr. Mary Gabriella:
    Sr. Maria Ruth:
    Sr. Paulamarie:

    Thanks for including the Angelus! There is also "O Sacrum Convivium" for Corpus Christi:

  28. This is a great project! I love what you are doing! May I recommend any or all of my videos on youtube? My screen name is seanwithjesus and my channel is

    Keep up the great work and let us defend, renew, and grow in our Catholic faith!
    Sean McVeigh


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