Monday, June 25, 2007

This and That

Also as promised, some cool stuff I've found browsing the internet:
  • Go to Maria Lectrix and you can download audio files of a woman named "Maureen" reading excellent works of fiction and non-fiction from the public domain. Her collection of completed religious works is great. It's not every day that you can listen to St. Cyril's Catechetical Lectures on the way to work! For all of the Christian works that she has recorded or is currently recording for your enjoyment, go here. For the Fathers, go here.
  • Speaking of the Fathers, I found another great website for information on and works from the early Church Fathers: The North American Patristics Society: Internet Resources. It's basically a directory of links, which I always enjoy.
  • Jeffrey Robert Adams has two great podcasts: The Summa Cast and Blendedfolk. In the Summa Cast, Adams reads from Aquinas' Summa Theologiae. In Blendedfolk, each episode consists of Catholic apologetics, Catholic trivia, a conversion story, and reviews of other Catholic podcasts and websites. He hasn't posted since June 6, but there's still a lot of great stuff there.
  • The Population Research Institute has a new video on YouTube on forced abortions in China. Check it out. I think it was well done.
  • St. Augustine has his own myspace page, thanks to the Augustinians of the Province of Saint Thomas of Villanova. He puts the "hip" in Hippo.
  • Check out these YouTube videos in promotion of the movie Bella: Trailer 1 -- Trailer 2 -- Story Behind Bella. This movie is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I saw a special screening at FUS, and got to hear the director and the leading actor talk about their passion for Catholicism and the pro-life cause. Bella has already won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, which is usually a precursor to an Oscar. Do everything you can to support this movie. It does an excellent job of speaking out against abortion without scaring people away. For more about Bella, go here and here.
  • Trinity Communications, the folks who brought you Catholic Culture, just released a new website: It's home to the online version of Fr. John A. Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary. Great resource to finally have available online.
  • Finally, it looks like someone ran with my YouTube Summer Project idea and created CatholicTube. It's not quite as exhaustive as what I envisioned, but it's a start.
That's all for now. Enjoy!

Pax Christi,


  1. dude, you saw Bella?!

    that is flippin awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yea, it was :D You should definitely go see it if you get the chance.


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