Monday, June 18, 2007

This Just In...

Here are a few updates from my neck of the woods:
  • Ever wanted to know how fast you can type? I found this today because I needed to know my words per minute (wpm) for a resumĂ© I was filling out. It's pretty cool. Kinda fun too. Make sure you start typing as soon as you see the first word. My gross wpm was 58 on the first test. Leave a comment and let me know what your wpm are (let's see who's the fastest).
  • Go here to download audio and video from previous FUS conferences. Pretty good stuff there. I wish there was more. The "Defending the Faith" conference is pretty dope, if you ever get a chance to go.
  • Everyone please pray that I get this job with the Social Security Administration. I'll just be doing random stuff in the office, but it pays $12.35 an hour and I'll be working full time (40 hrs./wk.) until the end of September. So, it will be a great way for me to make a lot of money over the summer. There's also a possibility that they will keep me on part-time after September, which I'm really hoping for so that I can continue to work there during the fall and spring, and even after that if I decide to say in the Steubenville area while Amy is finishing her degree at FUS. Pray hard people.
  • I'm in 4 different debates right now over at the Holy Culture Radio forum. Here are the titles of each thread:
    • Question about the Nicene Creed
    • Historical Problems with the Reformation
    • Do All Catholics Share This View of Salvation?
    • Should the Apocrypha Be Used as a Devotion
    Pretty interesting stuff, but it's been hard for me to keep up with each one because the topics are so involved and I've been so busy with other stuff. If you don't mind, please pray for me here too that I can give the Church a valiant defense. I'll be posting these debates on my blog momentarily.
  • Someone wanted to know what a motu proprio was, so I'm going to answer that real quick. The phrase motu proprio is latin. I've seen it variously translated as "on your own intiative", "of one's own accord", or "of his own motion." It's basically a decree or a decision that the pope makes on his own or by his own prerogative. So, if and when the universal indult for celebration of Mass with the 1962 Missal is finally delivered (I'll believe it when I see it), it will be a decision made by the pope himself. Here is a short Wikipedia article that might be helpful.
  • I still need help collecting good Catholic videos for the YouTube Summer Project. The list isn't updated yet, so you'll have to check the combox to see if your video has already been submitted. The more people that can contribute videos to the list the better.
  • Voting is still open in the Blogger's Choice Awards. They were supposed to end in July, but for whatever reason, it was pushed back to November. So, more time to vote for me :D I need ten more votes to jump back into the top-25, which seems to be the most I can hope for. I would really appreciate your vote. Remember that even if you've already voted for another blog, you can still vote for me. Register here. Vote for me here.
  • New songs for the my music player (at the bottom of my sidebar) are coming soon, including Weezer and Lionel Richie :D
  • Finally, please pray for my younger brother Benjamin and his fiancĂ© Casey. They will be getting married this weekend. Specifically, please pray that they grow closer to Christ and His Church. I'll be reading during the wedding, so a quick prayer that I don't screw up would be helpful too.
Thank you very much, all my faithful readers, for caring enough about me and this blog to make me feel like a post like this is even warranted. I appreciate it.

Pax Christi,


  1. Hey, do you really think you should be including the exact amount you'll be paid at the SS office? Just thought I'd throw it out...

  2. oh and my gross wpm was 57.8. booooo!!

  3. As a lector who used to be a total introvert, I understand those nerves. Consider your requests prayed for.

  4. Hey Man, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your hard work on this blog and everywhere else that you are defending the faith. Definitely will remember you in my prayers.

  5. Thanks bro! Don't forget to spread the word about my blog.


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