Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Church at the End of Time

"WhyMe" asked the following question in the HCR forum:

What is the general eschatology position in Catholicism?
The Catholic position is amillennial, post-trib, and no "rapture" (at least as most fundamentalist protestants understand it). In other words, the "millennium" of Rev 20 is actually the current age of the Church. We are living in the last days, which Jesus inaugurated with his coming into the world. All Christians will suffer a tribulation, after which Jesus will come again. The "rapture" is not the wisking away of the faithful so as to avoid the tribulation. Instead, it is the Last (or "General") Judgment, when all the bodies of the dead will rise and the justice and mercy of God's Judgment upon every human being will be vindicated.

For more on the Church's eschatological position, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, nos. 668-682 and 1020-1050.

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  1. You probably already know this...but

    Carl Olsen has some great, summary-type articles at his personal website on this. Even a chart that compares different aspects of "end times" views to the Catholic view.

  2. Yes, I did :D I've also read his book where he goes into greater detail.


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