Monday, February 04, 2008

Complete Holy Water Debate

Here is the holy water debate, in full. You can also retrieve all of the posts in the debate by clicking on Turretinfan's Holy Water debate label and reading from the bottom to the top.

Here are the individual posts, as they appeared on his blog:
Pax Christi,

UPDATE (4-16-2013): I was reading an article today on the Sign of the Cross and I came across another reference from the early Church to the use of holy water. It reminded me of this debate, so I thought I would provide it here.

From New Advent, "Sign of the Cross", we read:
"Not unnaturally if the object were more remote, the cross which was directed towards it had to be made in the air. Thus Epiphanius tells us (Adv. Hær., xxx, 12) of a certain holy man Josephus, who imparted to a vessel of water the power of overthrowing magical incantations by 'making over the vessel with his finger the seal of the cross' pronouncing the while a form of prayer."
Epiphanius was a monk and bishop from the fourth century. For more from the early Church on the spiritual benefit of holy water, see my Opening Statement and my Concluding Statement.

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