Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mary: The Quickest Way to Jesus?

You may recall from this post that I recently emailed Dr. Mark Miravalle regarding seraphim's question about Mary being the "quickest" or "easiest" way to Jesus. Well, I'm still waiting for a response from him, but I did receive a response from one of his assistants. Here is what he wrote to me:
  • Thanks for writing. I'll ask Mark about that ladder rosary. I've never heard about that. I know what you mean about feeling awkward. I struggled with this for some time. However, this is the teaching of many of the saints, including St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and others.

    The reason the road "directly" to Jesus is more difficult is because it is, in reality, indirect. This indirect path to the Lord, which ultimately leads to him, involves inner resistance to his Mother, a disposition contrary to the Gospels, particularly John 19:25-27. Choosing this ladder rather than the other one causes a soul to "choose between." This is not the reality of heaven. Choosing the ladder to Mary, on the other hand, is not a rejection of the path to Jesus. Rather it is going to Mary saying, "I want your Son."

    Choosing Mary is choosing Jesus because Jesus himself has chosen Mary to be his Mother. So, you see, choosing Mary as your Mother is doing a Godly thing because this is precisely what God himself did.

    The path to Mary is a greater affirmation of the divinity of the Lord, and the greatest affirmation of the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in her. In reality, there is no distance between her and her Son, because she has poured out entirely her Immaculate Heart into his Sacred Heart. Your heart is where your treasure is.

    Mary is the perfect Christian, she is the model of the Church, but not just the model of the Church, but the Mother of the Church. The Lord saw fit to indwell her Eucharistically for 9 months, and now she indwells in him and he in her in heaven. She is the path for all peoples, because who can call Jesus brother while being estranged from Our Lady, while being estranged from the family communion that Christ himself established before breathing his last on the Cross?

    I hope this is a helpful start. I will inquire with Dr. Miravalle regarding the ladder rosary, as I myself have not heard of it yet.

    God bless you for your online ministry. I have a blog as well, The Charcoal Fire (

    In the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,


Kevin also recommends the following articles:Does that answer your question, seraphim? If not, please let me know.

Pax Christi,

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