Monday, November 03, 2008

Poll-Release Monday #60

You have probably noticed that I've only been updating the poll every two weeks instead of every week. I think this is better because it gives people more time to vote and takes the pressure off of me to keep up with this so frequently. Honestly, I'm not sure how people post 4 and 5 times a day. Pretty crazy.

Anyway, here is this week's poll question. We're done with Holy Orders, so we turn now to the liturgy:
  • True or false?: Proper song and music in the liturgy, although acting as signs in regard to liturgical action, are not elements which can promote the sanctification of the faithful.
Let me know what you think by voting in the poll in the sidebar.

As for the previous poll, here are the results:
  • True or false?: The ordination of women remains an option which the Church may choose in the future.
    • True: 4 (9%)
    • False: 40 (91%)
The correct answer is:
  • FALSE, cf. CCC no. 1577: "Only a baptized man (vir) validly receives sacred ordination" (CIC, can. 1024). The Lord Jesus chose men (viri) to form the college of the twelve apostles, and the apostles did the same when they chose collaborators to succeed them in their ministry (Cf. Mk 3:14-19; Lk 6:12-16; 1 Tim 3:1-13; 2 Tim 1:6; Titus 1:5-9; St. Clement of Rome, Ad Cor. 42, 4:44, 3: PG 1, 292-293; 300). The college of bishops, with whom the priests are united in the priesthood, makes the college of the twelve an ever-present and ever-active reality until Christ's return. The Church recognizes herself to be bound by this choice made by the Lord himself. For this reason the ordination of women is not possible (Cf. John Paul II, MD 26-27; CDF, declaration, Inter insigniores: AAS 69 [1977] 98-116).
The Church is pretty clear on this point: She could not ordain a woman to the priesthood even if She wanted to. It is not in the Church's power to do so. This is how strictly tied the Church is to all that is objectively true. For more on this topic, see the following articles:Pax Christi,

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