Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Can Jesus Be the Only Way if Mary is the Coredemptrix?

The word "coredemptrix" means "woman with the redeemer." She stood beside her Son as He gave up his life for mankind. She did not fight for his life to be spared or resist in any way what had to be done. Instead, as one who committed no sin and who knew since the day of the presentation of Jesus in the temple that a sword would pierce her heart because of what He must do (Lk 2:34-35), Mary aligned her will perfectly with the will of her Son. She was able to make an unparalleled gift of her own suffering and pain for the sake of mankind.

Catholics believe that when you "offer it up," when you patiently endure suffering for the sake of the Gospel, or for the sake of what is right, or in order to gain mastery over your flesh and its desires, then merit comes from that which God then turns around and pours out upon the Body, for it's own strengthening and edification. This is not to say that the merit from Christ's work on the Cross was not enough. This is not to say that Jesus needed anyone's help in order to save mankind. This simply means that God chooses to involve human beings in his work, and that Mary, being a sinless human being and the one who gave the Son the very flesh that he nailed to the Cross for our salvation, was able to stand alongside the Redeemer and cooperate with his saving plan in a way that no other human being was able to do.

For that reason, a particular title is reserved for her, and that title is Coredemptrix. None of what I have said here should be misconstrued as meaning that Jesus is not the only Savior, or that Jesus needed Mary's help, or that the merits of the Cross aren't enough, or anything of that sort. Salvation comes from Christ and Him alone. Mary would be just a typical girl without Him.

For more information on Mary as the Coredemptrix, I suggest the following articles:Pax Christi,

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