Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Should a Catholic Donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

The Susan G. Komen Foundation (also called “Susan G. Komen For the Cure” or simply "Komen") is a non-profit organization that supports breast cancer research and awareness. They are the largest breast cancer charity in the world.

On the surface, it would appear that donating to them would be the right thing to do. After all, most of us have seen the damage that breast cancer inflicts on persons and their families, and we desperately need a cure. The problem is, Komen donates a lot of money to another large organization: Planned Parenthood (PP).

Between 2003 and 2008, Komen gave $3 million to Planned Parenthood. In fiscal year 2008 alone, they gave $805,000 to the abortion giant. For fiscal year ’09, Komen contributed $731,000. This is less than in ‘08, but only because Komen itself made less money that year.

This should be alarming for two reasons. First, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country. In no way should they be supported for any reason. Komen tries to justify their relationship with PP by saying that, in some underprivileged neighborhoods, PP is the only clinic available that provides free breast cancer screening and information. But this is a dubious claim. There are thousands of clinics and hospitals and government programs all over this country that provide the same service. There are also many breast cancer research organizations who manage to provide their resources without the help of Planned Parenthood.

Komen also says that they give money to Planned Parenthood to do breast cancer screening, not abortions. But, even this is disconcerting. Any money you give to PP for breast exams just frees up money for abortions. Plus, let’s be honest about where PP’s priorities really lie. Between the years ‘04 and ‘05, 81,500 fewer breast exams were performed, whereas abortions increased by 9,900. Between ‘06 and ‘07 (the years for which the most recent data is available on their website), breast exams decreased by 30,731, yet abortions increased by 15,560.

Secondly, there is a causal relationship between abortion and breast cancer. Even though Komen continues to deny this, multiple studies have shown that having an abortion significantly increases one’s likelihood of developing breast cancer (Dr. Gerard M. Nadal is currently presenting all the research on his blog). What this means is that an organization with the purpose of stamping out breast cancer forever is donating large sums of money to an organization that has aided in the increased incidence of breast cancer in this country. That Komen and PP would have such a relationship is tragically ironic and ultimately indefensible for anyone who wants to find a cure for breast cancer while at the same time defending the rights of the unborn.

Pax Christi,


  1. I am a pro-life, Messianic Jew (a Christian who believes Jesus is the Messiah, the Jews for Jesus people). I acknowledge you as brothers and sisters in Christ, though I know we differ in many ways.

    My mother and grandmother had breast cancer and I had a beneign lump. My only problem with Komen in St. Louis is the "socialite status" the race has become. As far as my commitment to the unborn, I have lobbied our nation's capitol twice and became my state's right to life legislative chairperson, following and explaining certain pieces of legislature to our members at monthly meetings, preparing our members to meet with their state representatives at our capitol many, many times regarding the elimination/failure of pro-abortion legislation, so I am very, very aware of the pro-abortion tactics, however,I've never heard anything sinister about Komen. However, I have about "Locks for Love". Not abortion-related, but certainly not
    godly fruit.

    Bring in more so called "neutral" sources to colaborate your story. Then even the conservative, the Christian, Catholic and pro-life discriminating will be more willing to hear. I'm used to doing this in other areas.

    Your Sister in Christ

  2. Most of the evidence provided here comes from Planned Parenthood itself, in the budget reports that they release every year. It is true that Gerard Nadal is a pro-life advocate, but I don't think that invalidates the research he has done on the ABC link. He is simply explaining, in his capacity as a doctor and scientist, the results of the various studies that have been done.

    I think the proof is rather obvious to anyone who has ears to hear it.


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