Sunday, November 27, 2016

Resources for Advent

Here are some resources for Advent to increase your knowledge of and appreciation for this liturgical season in the life of the Church. It's the Catholic New Year! Let us wait with eager anticipation for the coming of the Savior.

If several articles came from the same source, I grouped them together. I will be updating this post throughout Advent, so check back often!.

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Advent Articles and Websites:
Catholic Culture
Catholic Education
Catholic Exchange
Insight Scoop
National Catholic Register
New Advent
New Liturgical Movement
The Sacred Page
What Does the Prayer Really Say? (Fr. Z)
Word on Fire (Fr. Robert Barron)


Pax Christi,


  1. Is raiding the CDD the key to becoming a flappy bird? If so, they can keep their silly title.

  2. Is raiding the CDD the key to becoming a flappy bird? If so, they can keep their silly title.

    If by "CDD" you mean the Catholic Defense Directory, than no. None of these links are in the Directory. What helped me the most with getting more inbound links to my blog was hosting the Catholic Carnival. Anytime someone posted on their blog about the Carnival, they were posting to me.

    You're just jealous because my blog is cooler than yours ;)

  3. I hosted the carnival and not much changed... it must be your good looks. ;)

  4. Happy Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception!

    Did you get your mama roses?

  5. Did you get your mama roses?

    Naw, I got her links instead ;)

  6. Catholic Media House have some downloadable digital resources such as mini-movies and motion backgrounds for advent at

  7. I was thinking more a long the lines of free stuff ;)

  8. I think the audio files may be dead on this one. Any updates? Thanks!

  9. I decided to just delete the Audio section, but if you want to listen to some great talks on Advent, just search Catholic Answers radio ( or EWTN's audio library (


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